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Cecilie with Titti, Marit with Reidar & Pernille with Unni

My name is Marit Frost Kieding. I live in Tønsberg, aproxomatly 100 km south of Oslo.

I have always loved animals. There has always been animals of many kinds in our home and I was always the one who took care of them, even thoug they where ment for the whole familiy.
And more than ever when we got our first giant schnauzer "Treffa" in 1970. We became so close that no one in the family could separate us. Even to day, so many years later, I get a warm feeling inside just by thinking about her. So there where never any doubt, the name of my breed had to be Treffa!.
I bought my first miniature schnauzer from Kennel Fixus in Sweden in 1989. Treffa was the dream that came true in 1990. And in 1991 I had my first litter.

I was married to Glenn in 1977. We have three girls and three sons in law, two grandsons and 6 black miniature schnauzers. Our two youngest girls, Cecilie and Pernille, shares my interest in dogs,and have been handling them since they where 8-10 years old. Today they are a part of Kennel Treffa.

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