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Drammen Travbane 30th of August
Norsk Leonberger Klubb's
national show

Breed and BIS judge:Javier Sanchez
BIG:Rafael Malo Alcrudo
BIS junior:Adolfo Martinez Noguera

11 black
BOB,BIG,BIS,Multich multiV Fixus Hasta La Vista"Mathias"/Kari Gran & Kennel Fixus
CAC 2BM BOB junior Treffa's Viva El Valiente "Morten"/ Kennel Treffa
5 black/silver
CAC, BOB junior BOB Fixus Little White Lie "Iris" / Kennel Treffa
From the left: BIS Judge Javier Sanchez, Anne with "Mathias" and BIG judge Rafael Alcrudo
"Morten" CAC and BOB junior.The judge was very thorough, and also a true gentleman! "You don't need to run or sit. Come to the table". He had already seen what he needed to see, and didn`t find it necessary for Cecilie with her big tummy, to run any more :-)
"Iris" CAC BOB junior and BOB
The weekend in Drammen was amazing! The sunday continued as saturday ended :-)
We left "Majja" at home with the others, since she got her champion title on saturday, and we wanted to focus on our youngsters. Besides, we wanted some extra time to enjoy our lovely visit from Sweden! Anne doesn`t visit to often, so we charrige every moment when she`s here:-)
"Morten" was first one out, and just as saturday he got his CAC and BOB junior. He was 2nd best after "Mathias", our beautiful companion owned by our good friends Kari Gran og Kennel Fixus.

Next up was "Iris". Cecilie is a bit heavy these days, so Anne stepped in :-) And she does it with best results again! :-) CAC BOB junior and BOB!
Cecilie,Pernille and Peter left before the finals, so it was Anne and me again. But this time we did a little switch. Anne showed a "Treffa"dog, and I showed a "Fixus"dog:-) Thank you for all your help Anne, your an angel!
"Iris" was picked out along with 8 other dogs in the finals, but that was it for today..
But way to go "Mathias"! Anne showed him in the finals, and he was BIS! Well deserved:-)
Again, CONGRATULATIONS with this fantastic dog!!
At the back, from the left: Anne, Kari, Cecilie and Peter with "Hjalmar" on his lap.
In front, Pernille with "Fru Larsen".
"Morten" on the run...
....checks out something:-)
Best black male...
Always something to talk about... :-)
Anne shows" Iris". She gets her CAC, BOB junior and BOB.
Best bitch, black/silver
BOS and BOB black/silver
"Iris" finished best breed, and is happy to see her mum...
BIS junior finals....
"Iris" among the 8 finalists..






Drammen Travbane
August 29th

Breedjudge: Manuel Ramirez Muñoz
BIG: Rafael Malo Alcrudo
BIS Junior: Javier Sanchez Fernandez



12 black
BOB BIG1 Multich multiV Fixus Hasta La Vista"Mathias"/Kari Gran&Kennel Fixus
CAC 2BM BOB junior Treffa's Viva El Valiente "Morten" / Kennel Treffa
CAC Champion BOS NV-07 NordJV-07 NordV-07 NUCH Fixus Sweet Moment"Majja" / Kennel Treffa & Kennel fixus
7 black/silver
CAC 2BB BOB junior BIS4 junior Fixus Little White Lie "Iris" / Kennel Treffa
Thanks to Tone and Erik, everything was set up and ready at a perfect spot ringside when we arrived. And we had a great time :-) Thanks for all your help, Tone and Erik!
Fortunatelly the weather was much better than excpected! It was a bit windy, but the sun was shining all day long! But the long grass was a problem.. Too long for small dogs..
Nice to relax a bit, excpecially when you have a baby in your tummy :-)
We had a lot of fun... :-)
Cecilie and Morten in action....
....CAC, 2BM and BOB junior :-)
An extra bonus was it also to watch Anne, our breeder and very good friend through the last 20 years, showing Majja. Majja gets her CAC, and is Champion. The 119th champion from Kennel Fixus. 5 of which grew up in our home :-)
Best bitch class..
BOB Multich Fixus Hasta La Vista and BOS Nuch Fixus Sweet Moment
Cecilie and Iris.. CAC and BOB junior.
Cecilie and Pernille left before the finals, so Anne helped us out again! She showed Iris, and I showed Morten in the BIS junior finals.
Iris BIS4 junior
Kari and Mathias BIG1. Congratulations!

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